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Diane Gunstra
The Department of Curriculum and Instruction
College of Education, Purdue University


EDCI 496


Welcome to EDCI 496, the final course in your undergraduate studies at Purdue. In this course, you will apply all that you have learned as an elementary education major. You will gain significantly in both learning and ability throughout your student teaching experience. By the end of this course, you will have made the transition from student to teacher and be ready to begin your teaching career.

The following requirements and resource materials are designed to enhance your student teaching experience and to enable you to achieve much success both as a teacher candidate and as the classroom teacher you will soon become.

The requirements have been carefully designed to ensure that upon completion of Purdue's elementary education program you will have performance based evidence that you meet the ACEI [Association for Childhood Educational International Elementary Education Standards] and INTASC [Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium] standards which are the standards to which our program is accountable. Purdue has an additional set of standards, the Purdue Conceptual Framework, that the requirements have also been designed to provide you with performance based evidence of mastery.  In addition, the requirements are designed to prepare you to achieve the highest ratings on RISE, Indiana's Teacher Effectiveness Rubric, or on assessments of similar rigor.


EDCI 496 consists of a practicum experience in which candiates begin with their school corporations' calendars and continue in their classrooms for the first 15 calendar weeks of Purdue's semester. Two additional weeks follow the practicum experience. During this time, specified requirements are completed.



These are the assignments you will complete during EDCI 496. They are designed to be integrated into what already takes place in your classroom in relation to planning, teaching, assessment of student learning,communication with parents and caregivers, and reflection. They are not intended to be extra, "Purdue" work. Their purpose is to ensure that you learn to use research based, best practices; produce performance based evidence that you meet the ACEI and INTASC standards; and graduate with the skills you need to achieve excellence as a teacher.

    If you wish to use any of these documents, you will need to download them and copy the contents into a word editor (ex: Microsoft Word).  If you need Acrobat Viewer to view these documents, please visit

Folder: Due Date Calendars
Folder: Lesson Plan
Folder: Parent or Caregiver Communication
Folder: Plan Book
Folder: Seminar
Folder: Teaching Performances Work Sample
Folder: Unit Assignment
Folder: University Supervisor Visitation

​Assessment and evaluation are an important part of EDCI 496.

A Student Teacher Observation Form is completed by the university supervisor at the end of each lesson-classroom observation. The form is comprised of specific researched based, best practice teaching strategies and performances. The evaluations are used to direct and improve teacher candidates' skills. A comprehensive guide accompanies the form to ensure that candidates are well informed about the meaning of each category and provided with examples of excellence.  Cooperating teachers are also provided with the form and the guide. 

 A Benchmark Student Teacher Evaluation is completed midway through the student teaching experience by the cooperating teacher, university supervisor, and the teacher candidate.  Specific strengths and weaknesses are identified and a plan developed in order to direct and maximize teacher candidate growth throughout the remainder of the semester. 

Final Student Teacher Evaluation identical to the Benchmark is completed by the cooperating teacher at the end of the practicum experience and by the university supervisor at the end of the semester.  These final evaluations serve as the cooperating teacher's and university supervisor's final assessment of the teacher candidate's skills and abilities. A comprehensive guide accompanies the Benchmark and Final Student Teacher Evaluation Forms to ensure that teacher candidates are well informed about the meaning of each category and provided with examples of excellence. 

Teacher candidates are informed about and provided with all of the above evaluations and guides at least 3 months before their student teaching semester begins.

Teacher candidates are asked to evaluate the course assignments and seminars as well as the cooperating teacher and university supervisor at the end of their student teaching experience. The feedback that is provided on these forms is considered to be extremely important and is used to continuously direct, improve, and perfect the student teaching experience.  

Folder: Benchmark Evaluation Form and Guide
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Folder: Final Evaluation Form, Guide, and Student Profile
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Folder: Student Teacher Observation Form and Guide
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8/22/2013 10:55 AMGunstra, Diane L.
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